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Stephanie Jerome Owner - CEO: 720-297-0414 / / PRINTABLE BROCHURE

Native Talent Network is a full service talent agency and a division of PLATINUM TALENT AGENCY based in Denver Colorado.

NTN is an organization that helps Native American girls and boys establish careers in the fashion industry. We provide training to Native people of all ages and offer the opportunity to experience pre-industry modeling, fashion shows, and photo shoots. NTN has been in the fashion industry for many years.

We offer quality training in all aspects of modeling and prepare our models for the real world of the fashion industry. We truly believe in inspiring young people to become their highest selves. It is our goal to give them the tools to achieve their dreams through positive self-esteem workshops, which are implemented into the model training program.

Introduction of Platinum Talent and Native Talent Network

NTN Native Talent Network /Native Model Showcase travels to events to do promotions, fashion shows, host special events, network, model searches, and along the way meet amazing people. Check out our photos. We are very glad we met you and hope to see you soon. Thanks. Smile!

Basic Modeling Course:

1. Self esteem workshop: Teaching students that everyone is beautiful in their own way through self-esteem building exercises

2. Goal Setting: How to set and attain goals using native teachings

3. Healthy Choices: Importance of prevention through healthy choices with emphasis on self-confidence and becoming a positive role model

4. Model Basic Training: Runway and photo shoots

5. Graduation and receipt of certificate

6. Fashion Show! At the end of our show, each model introduces themself and tells their age, tribe and what they love about themselves

Native Talent Network's Networking Modeling - Business - Manager Fashion, Promotions, Runway, Editorial, Events etc...

Film - Drama - Acting Actors, Actresses, Producers, Photographers etc...

Dance - Performance - Other Powwow, Hip-Hop, Modern etc...

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